Haegue Yang

Haegue Yang: When The Year 2000 Comes

  • 2019
  • Kukje Gallery
  • 23,50€

The exhibition When The Year 2000 Comes offers a glimpse into Yang’s unique artistic language that references a wide array of histories and cultures by reinterpreting everyday vocabulary through the means of repetition, overlap, and hybridization. In this process, Yang recalls easily relatable personal memories or questions a collective consciousness that has been conventionally classified or deliberately overlooked. When The Year 2000 Comes re-examines the value of handicraft, nature, and speculative areas undermined in the name of scientific rationality and capitalism; folk culture; and the sociopolitical figures and spaces that have been marginalized in the hegemonic system.

The exhibition’s title, When The Year 2000 Comes, derives from Korean singer Hae-kyung Min’s “AD 2000,” a song released back in 1982. The song, which wistfully dreams of the future, welcomes visitors on the way to the exhibition. Situated in a future far beyond the one described in the lyrics, the audience is reminded of the bygone hopes of the distant past. In other words, the temporality of the year 2000 embodies both the past and future; we are able to traverse the sentiments of time frozen in the song and perceive its complexities.

Texts by Jinshil Lee, Walter-Wolfgang Sparrer
Published by Kukje Gallery on the occasion of Haegue Yang's personal exhibition, When The Year 2000 Comes, September 3 - November 17, 2019
Softcover, 22 x 28 cm, 66 pp., color ill.
Bilingual: Korean / English

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