Mona Hatoum

Le Grand Monde

  • 2010
  • Fondation Botin
  • 20,00€

After her stay at Villa Iris, where she directed the international Fundación Botín workshop in July 2010, the artist Mona Hatoum becomes the central figure of the exhibition Le Grand Monde, which is intended as an intense reflection on the world in which we live.

This artist’s work characteristically reflects her personal experience and aims at involving the spectator as much as possible, provoking contradictory sensations of attraction and rejection. Hatoum manipulates household objects and the dimensions and extensions of the human body, using very suggestive materials that have been selected beforehand with considerable sensitivity and emotional connotations. The selection of a total of 30 pieces was carried out in accordance with the curator, Chus Martínez, chief conservator at the MACBA (Barcelona).

Auteur : Chus Martinez (commissaire)
Édité par la Fundación Botín à l'occasion de l'exposition personnelle Le Grand Monde, à la Fundación Botín, Santander, 7 octobre, 2010 - 9 janvier, 2011
Couverture rigide, 20 x 28 cm, 121 pages
Bilingue : espagnol / anglais

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Mona Hatoum