Thomas Hirschhorn

What can I learn from you. What can you learn from me

  • 2018
  • Remai Modern
  • 45,00€

Remai Modern invited Thomas Hirschhorn to create a Critical Workshop for its inaugural exhibition in early 2018, Field Guide, co-curated by Gregory Burke and Sandra Guimarães. Hirschhorn transformed the free, entrance-level gallery of the new museum into a workshop space for four weeks. Hirschhorn was present each day to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills and stories between local residents and museum visitors.

Prior to the Workshop, Hirschhorn met individuals, groups and organizations in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, conducting what he calls ‘Fieldwork’. This involved seeking out potential ‘Teachers’ and members of what he calls the ‘Non-Exclusive Audience’, knowing that these roles can be reversed.

This publication documents Thomas Hirschhorn’s 27-day Workshop, collecting research materials, documents and over 1,400 photographs (mostly taken with phone cameras). This chronological document captures the complexity, energy and dynamic unfolding of Hirschhorn’s first ‘Presence and Production’ work in Canada. Text contributions include a forward by Gregory Burke and an extended conversation between Thomas Hirschhorn and Sandra Guimarães.

Auteurs : Gregory Burke (curator), Sandra Guimarães and Thomas Hirschhorn
Édité par le Remai Modern à l'occasion deWhat can I learn from you. What can you learn from me. (Critical Workshop)., 27 janvier - 25 février 2018
Couverture souple, 288 pages, illustrations couleur

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