Abraham Cruzvillegas

Autodestrucción 2

  • 2014
  • Museo Experimental el Eco
  • 8.00€

This publication is part of the sculptural exercise held by Abraham Cruzvillegas in the main room at Museo Experimental el Eco, which consisted in the constructive repurposing of materials extracted from a house undergoing renovations, where he currently lives with his family.
Like a number of Cruzvillegas’ other projects, this exercise aims to approach the museum as a learning space where the display of one or several finished objects is as important as generating consideration and knowledge departing from the need «of doing».

Autodestrucción 2 includes La pendiente, a fictional story written by Cruzvillegas, product of exchanges and anecdotes triggered during the assembly process with the museum’s staff. This narrative proves and encompasses the production mechanisms in a methodology that he has developed for several years as backbone to his artistic language, that increasingly expands his boundaries for symbolic production, like this publication. Also are included four public conversations held by Abraham with close family members, aimed to learn more about them and share the experience with others.

Museo Experimental el Eco, 2014
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico
60 pages
Soft Cover
19 × 26.5 cm

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