David Douard

U Killed me First (Melody)

  • 2022
  • Ness Books
  • 10.00€

The book U Killed me First (Melody) was published following the presentation of David Douard's work Melody at the Sculpture Garden last edition (Geneva, 2022).

This publication traces the history of Melody, presented and then vandalized during its exhibition at the Geneva Biennale. This book presents a graphic section bringing together reproductions of preparatory works for the piece, images boards of the work in situ, and a discussion between the artist and curator Devrim Bayar on the significance of this degradation in the history of the work.

Edited by Ness Books
Graphic design: Émilie Ferrat and Julie Héneault
52 pages 
Format : 21 x 19,7 cm
ISBN :  979-10-415-0510-4

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David Douard
U Killed me First (Melody)