Gabriel Orozco


  • 2018
  • Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König
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“Purchasing is much more than the mere satisfying of everyday needs: it is the important ritual of public and communal life, through which identity is created and changed.”
Max Hollein, ‘Shopping,’ in Shopping: A Century of Art and Consumer Culture, Tate (2003).

Gabriel Orozco proposes a game in which logos and the rules of the market are set against each other, as two forms of understanding an ever-growing capitalist world in the midst of collapse: the art market and the market of household appliances in a supermarket within an art gallery.

Essays reprinted from:
Concheiro, Luciono. "Conversación con Benjamin H.D. Buchloh", in ABC Cultural. July 27, 2017.
Finkel, Jori. "His Art on the Oxxo Shelves. Keep Your Receipt", in the New York Times. February 8, 2017.
Villoro, Juan. "El tianguis de los signos," in Revista R, no.163. February 5, 2017.

Photography by Michel Zabé
Design by Paul Carlos, Pure+Applied
Lithography by Plitt Printmanagement GmBH
First published by Koenig Books, London.
Edition (English/Spanish)
19 x 25,7 cm
336 pages

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