Hassan Khan

An Anthology of Published & Unpublished Writings

  • 2019
  • 288 pages
  • English
  • Koenig Books, London / Hochschule für Bildende Künste-Städelschule, Frankfurt/Main
  • 24.00€

This anthology of Hassan Khan's selected writings — produced between 1993, when the artist and musician was 18, and the present day — is a bold, bare, breathlessly broad compendium of texts. It throws conceptual inquiries, concrete poetry, accidental manifestos, dashes of fiction, stylized rants, cultural commentary, theoretical essays, critical polemics, music librettos, and freer, at times hybrid texts into a discursive yet happily contradictory whole. The anthology comes with exhaustive annotation by the writer; in the margins are comments, critiques, anecdotes, glosses, memories, and ruminations that expand on, as well as grapple with, the different entries. The dynamic visual layout brings together typographic precision with an intuitively readable color-coded system of categorization. This complex, focused, always exciting book functions in many ways — not least as a testament to the cultural transitions of the past 25 years and as a highly personal take on history.

Co-published by Koenig Books, London and Hochschule für Bildende Künste-Städelschule, Frankfort/Main
Author: Hassan Khan
Editor: Philippe Pirotte
Softcover, 288 p. (13 colour ill., 8 b/w ill.), 24 x 17 cm
ISBN: 9783960984849

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Hassan Khan
An Anthology of Published & Unpublished Writings