Pierre Huyghe


  • 2016
  • The artist's institute / Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König
  • 35.00€

Issue 01 in a bi-anual publication of The Artist´s Institute (Devoted to Pierre Huyghe).
Ed. by Jenny Jaskey & Pierre Huyghe.
New York 2016.
23,9 x 31,5 cm.
212 pages

"PIERRE'S" is the first in a biannual publication series of The Artist's Institute and a platform for sustained, interdisciplinary conversation with contemporary artists. Devoted to Pierre Huyghe, PIERRE'S takes the artist's recent work and research interests - topics as varied as genetic engineering, object-oriented philosophy, and the science fiction of Philip K. Dick - to draw a complex portrait of his practice through interviews, photographs, fiction and criticism.

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