Thomas Hirschhorn

Thomas Hirschhorn - Establishing a Critical Corpus

  • 2011
  • JRP | Ringier
  • 32.00€

p 363

This "Textbook" is a dense, charged, and meaningful of texts to think about, and which develop different topics about my work in general, a specific pârt of my work, or issues that extend beyond my work. These texts are the center, the "hardcore" of the book, with pictures of my work to "illustrate" each text. This book wants to assert and give form to one of my goals : to establish a "critical corpus" with my work, through a critical and sovereign approach to art, to an artwork of today, and -in this case- to my artwork.

Text by Claire Bishop
Text by Sebastian Egenhofer
Text by Hal Foster
Text by Manuel Joseph
Text by Yasmil Raymond
Text by Marcus Steinweg 

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