Wang Bing

Wang Bing, un geste documentaire de notre temps

  • 2019
  • 240 pages
  • Français
  • Warm
  • 20.00€

In 20 years and almost as many films, Wang Bing has established himself as one of the most important contemporary filmmakers.

Sometimes anthropological (West of the tracks, Three Sisters, ‘Til Madness Do Us Apart ...), sometimes historical (Fengming, A Chinese Memoir, Dead Souls ...), its films draw tirelessly and with the greater self-denial, the portrait of a China which is that of those left out of the modernization and history of the country.

In this well-documented book, Antony Fiant identifies the main concerns that animate the filmmaker and the aesthetic and dramaturgical biases that, film after film, underlie his work.

Publisher: Warm Editions
Publication date: 05/04/2019
Dimensions: 14,0 x 19,0 x 1,5 cm 
223 pages
ISBN: 978-2-9556739-7-3


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Wang Bing