Willem de Rooij


  • 2012
  • Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König
  • 68.00€

Willem de Rooij's artist book accompanies his permanent installation "Residual" at Bentheim castle that was produced as contribution to the sculpture project Raumsichten at the Kunstwegen Open Museum. "Residual" consists of an entirely transparent display case that presents Jacob van Ruisdael's view of Bentheim Castle from the North-West (c. 1655) and a number of apparatuses that maintain its conservational requirements. The artist book takes up the tension between object and frame, concrete matter and immaterial structures that define de Rooij's installation. An introduction by Dirck Möllmann situates Ruisdael's Bentheim paintings historically and economically. In his catalogue essay Sven Lütticken explores the implications of de Rooij's re-contextualisation of Ruisdael, focusing on the aesthetic and political intervention of de Rooij's reframing of an Old Dutch Master. De Rooij's work is placed in the field of contemporary art as much as it is an innovative contribution to the study of Jacob van Ruisdael.

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