Abraham Cruzvillegas

Autorreconstrucción: Social Tissue

February 16th — March 31st, 2018
Kunsthaus Zürich - Zürich — Switzerland

Art as expression and mirror of society: that’s the theme of ‘Autorreconstrucción: Social Tissue’, the first solo exhibition in Switzerland by Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas (b. 1968). It lasts just five weeks. During that time, the artist will be transforming the 1,000m2 presentation space into a workshop, in which new art will be created and a range of eventswill take place – from film screenings, workshops and round-table discussions to skateboarding afternoons and a kids’ club. At the end, the new creations will finally be assembled into a complete installation.

Cruzvillegas addresses fundamental issues of our time, such as migration, social cohesion and the consequences of climate change. His artistic practice is informed by a sense of constant change. Improvisation, working with found materials and interacting with local people play a key role. In Zurich he will be transposing the concept of dynamic process into the exhibition format itself, in what promises to be an unforgettable experiment: a unique opportunity to witness an artist in the midst of his productive process and access art in a whole new way.


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