This solo exhibition, the first in Finland, gives an overview of Hatoum’s work from the late-‘70s to the present. It gathers together works in media as varied as performance, video, photography, installation, sculpture and works on paper. The exhibition will open on the 7th of October.

Hatoum began her artistic career creating performance and video works in which the body gave expression to a divided reality, besieged by political and social control. Since the early ‘90s she began to focus on making sculptures and large-scale installations.
Hatoum’s work presents us with a world characterized by conflict and contradictions. She often uses furniture and other familiar objects which, when modified or scaled up, reflect a suspicious and hostile environment. Hatoum draws from the formal language of Minimalism, Kinetic and Conceptual Art, often with reference to Surrealism.

”In a world that is driven by contradictions, histories with varying timeframes, and geopolitical tensions, Hatoum presents us with an oeuvre that combines poetic realism and abstraction to approach a level of universality, and to become an inspirational model for numerous contemporary artists.” says curator Christine Van Assche in the exhibition catalogue.