Fabrice Gygi
12 septembre - 24 octobre 2009


Fabrice Gygi’s works do not comply with a performative scheme and are not destined for functional application.
However, as both signs and technical objects, they maintain strong relations to implications of action and use. The works presented in this exhibition can thus be related to three categories: jewels, machines (Fliessband and Star System) and signs (Strap-paints). As elements of these three categories, the singular relation these works maintain to activity and functionality are facilitated by a subtractive method, by way of putting (action and function) in reserve. Objects, in the sense to which its full literality should be attached, are “exhibited”: the machines will not work, the jewels will not be worn and the signs will remain lined up on the wall: what classifies them as works of art by giving primacy to the visual, declassifies them as everyday things.