Fabrice Gygi
29 janvier - 26 mars 2005


During a conversation about the choice of works he has presented in his recent exhibition at the MAMCO in Geneva, Fabrice Gygi explains how, whilst caught in a traffic jam on the motorway, he was amazed by the beauty of lorries -especially the well finished work of awnings and straps. Since then, he has drawn his inspiration from these elements to make the "Columns" in white tarpaulin (1993), and other sewn awning sculptures. From this point onwards, these materials have always been part of his sculptural vocabulary. The established interrelation of "skins": the human being's skin, the (chosen) skin-protection, the (imposed) skin-prison. When discovering Fabrice Gygi's pieces, the visitor is struck by the accurate choice of materials and the attention to detail. One gets strongly compelled to touch, to caress each element, the same way one is appealed by the touch of a nicely curved "carrosserie"", or a smooth skin, while realizing that these ambivalent objects express a sensitivity, a lucidity and a violence constantly wide-awake.