José María Sicilia
La luz que se apaga
17 septembre - 24 octobre 2003

  • La luz que se apaga, Vue d'exposition. Crédits photo : Florian Kleinefenn, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris

The Chantal Crousel Gallery presents a new series of dazzling paintings that were realized this summer. Again, José Maria Sicilia names them with the generic title : La luz que se apaga.

From the early beeswax paintings on (1992), light is the center of the ongoing quest of José Maria Sicilia. Light or its absence, its brightness, or its vanishing. Unfailingly, through this process, the artist persistingly addresses the mystery of death.

Although the human figure never appears in his work, human activity or its projection, its transcendance or drift are clearly evoked. José Maria Sicilia pursues his declination of the flower as a metaphor of life, of the universe.