Fabrice Gygi
Fabrice Gygi - Cameron Jamie
9 février - 13 avril 2002

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The Galerie Chantal Crousel is proposing an unusual combination by inviting Cameron Jamie for the first time to exhibit with Fabrice Gygi who will show works on paper which have never yet been presented in France.

The linographies on paper and on fabric by Fabrice Gygi were made at a time when the artist was engaged in research about himself and about his art. The plates we are presenting, the result of ten years of work, are an expression of disappearance, of a strong search for identity and of a rebel attitude that is dominant in his work. "I feel that I'm retranscribing things I've observed around the world. I work a little bit like a figurative painter with a real concern for realism. I try to appropriate the object by making it by memory" he said while speaking of his sculptures. This quote could also apply to Cameron Jamie's work which is partly inspired by the mayhem of American suburbs. It is in this atmosphere that Jamie creates his weirdest images which remind us that hell is always close by and that reason is not always reliable. For the works on paper we are presenting, the artist has collaborated with a street portrait artist who he asked to make portraits of his face made up in white and of "evil" animals such as goats or bats. Calling on the demons of his childhood, Cameron Jamie then reappropriates the drawings by subjecting them to outrageous offenses : distorted or caricatured faces, human heads on animal bodies, entrails spilling out, in exulting compositions with pastel and gouache, collage and stream-of-consciousness writing.