Fabrice Gygi
10 mars - 28 avril 2001


Originally, the Swiss artist Fabrice Gygi (born 1965), made himself known as an ultra-radical performance artist. Although he physically abandoned this area, he continues to occupy space as his work reflects the presence of the individual. If we consider his first pieces, such as Cabane, 1986, the tent simultaneously offers a means to create a skin, an architecture, a space of one's own , a shelter.

Since 1998, he has created structures with industrial materials such as steel, wood, metal tubing and vinyl that seem to be designed for meetings, rave parties, sports activities or religious gatherings.

By transferring all of these so-called urban elements into exhibition spaces, the artist proposes a new reading of their appearance. Even if in Gygi's work, the term "assembly" seems appropriate, the notion of the non-spectacle and non-animation still exists.