Cercle Ramo Nash
Solution Space, 2000
8 janvier - 26 février 2000

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From January 4 till 8, 2000, Cercle Ramo Nash will realise a mandala. The pattern is based on a cartography, found on the internet, representing 100.000 leisure sites. Through its multiple cultural interferences, this eminently visual and tactile work places us at the crossing of both real and virtual memory / time/ space. A vertiginous shortcut is achieved by the conversion of pixels into grains of washing powder. In doing so, the artists raise key questions that affect us at the beginning of the third occidental millenium, in their usual distanced and refined language.

Besides the Silicon Valley Mandala, five new works will animate the Solution Space : The Strange Case of the Thompson Super-Table / Blind Watchmaker / Reference Instruction / Pfftt / Gigaflop.