Gabriel Orozco

Written Matter

  • 2020
  • MIT Press
  • 44.00€

Originally published in Spanish, Written Matter is the English translation of a selection of texts and images from artist Gabriel Orozco’s notebooks. The book takes its start in 1992 when Orozco began to travel and exhibit around the world, without maintaining a permanent studio. The notes and drawings in these workbooks became indispensable to the development of his ideas and projects. Edited by the artist himself, this book constitutes a chronological flow of analytical thought, a kind of subterranean stream running parallel to his art. The notebooks are fundamental to his work, serving as a portable studio and personal dictionary that allow him to resume the trajectory of his thought while traveling.

Written Matter is the daily work of an artist who has paused to think and to write, as if words themselves were the only way to specify or describe his intentions and define the impulses that compelled him to carry out his projects.

Published by The MIT Press
Softcover, 15,5 x 22,8 cm, 384 pp. (77 color illus., 5 b&w illus.)
ISBN: 978-0-262-53887-9

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Gabriel Orozco
Written Matter