Gabriel Orozco

The Orozco Garden at the South London Gallery

  • 2021
  • South London Gallery
  • 34.00€

The South London Gallery’s permanent Orozco Garden opened in 2016 and was created over two years by leading international artist Gabriel Orozco, with support from 6a architects and horticulturalists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This lavishly illustrated book explains how this unique garden was made.
Texts by South London Gallery Director Margot Heller and horticulturalist Richard Wilford, describe its conceptualisation, construction and planting.
An essay by art historian Briony Fer situates the garden within Orozco’s oeuvre, establishing its connection to the artist’s enduring interest in the intersection between natural and urban ecologies.

Published to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the public opening of the Garden, this volume contains over 50 pages of colour photographs; reproductions of drawings and sketches by Gabriel Orozco; architectural plans and drawings by 6a architects and a fully illustrated Plant Index.

Printed in an edition of 2,000 copies
Edited by Rachael Harlow & Margot Heller
Texts by Margot Heller, Richard Wilford, Briony Fer
Hardcover,  28 x 21 cm, 128 p.
ISBN: 9781898461562

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Gabriel Orozco
The Orozco Garden at the South London Gallery