The 2019 edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial titled ...and other such stories traced narratives originating from its home city of Chicago and revealing connections between various practices and the questions they raise across global communities, cities, territories, and ecologies. In our current moment of shifting political alliances, rapid environmental change, and renegotiations of rights and civic life, …and other such stories highlighted the ways that architecture and public space have been used as sites for collective action and social change.
The 2019 edition positioned the Chicago Cultural Center as a place in which to gather, think from, and question what constitutes the city today through contributor projects, ongoing performances, and a series of curatorial programming weekends. …and other such stories also presented a number of off-site projects produced in collaboration with Chicago-based organizations and communities, fostering conversations that resonated both locally and globally. The 2019 edition featured 85 contributors from 25 countries and 58 cities.