Galerie Chantal Crousel is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Wade Guyton. This is the first exhibition of lithography made by the artist.

For these unique works on paper, the artist has long worked with books, intervening on them with an inkjet printer. These are generally referred to as “drawings” in his lexicon.

For this exhibition, Guyton presents lithographic works on paper produced with Steindruckerei Wolfensberger in Zurich. Ten catalogues from a 1928 exhibition of Edouard Manet were torn apart and overprinted with one of the artist’s bitmap files. Guyton is reassembling these ten groups of unique lithographs into new publications. The exhibition brings together the first two published volumes and the 121 framed lithographs from Volume II.

Thinking of a book as an exhibition and an exhibition as a book, the artist has installed the works across several rooms of the gallery space's second floor, rue Charlot.