Haegue Yang

Mesmerizing Mesh

  • 2021
  • Kukje Gallery
  • 6.00€

This booklet was published for Haegue Yang's exhibition Mesmerizing Mesh at the Kukje Gallery, from August 24, 2021, to September 12, 2021.
The publication goes through the research and production phases of her new series "Mesmerizing Mesh", which dwelves into "Sacred Paper Cutting", a Korean shamanastic ritual which has inspired many of Haegue Yang's current projects.

In Korean & English
Editor: Haegue Yang, Heejung Ye
Translation and copyediting: Magdamen Chua, Eunah Park
Design: Yeon-Jun Kim, Yena Yoo, Anna Kim, Jiyun Kim
Printing & Bound: Shin-Myung Printing, Seoul
21 x 15 cm, 48 p.
ISBN: 9791189873141

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Haegue Yang
Mesmerizing Mesh