Mona Hatoum

Terra Infirma

  • 2018
  • Menil Collection
  • 46.00€

The work of London-based artist Mona Hatoum (b. 1952) addresses the growing unease of an ever-expanding world that is as technologically networked as it is fractured by war and exile. Best known for sculptures that transform domestic objects such as kitchen utensils or cribs into things strange and threatening, she conducts multilayered investigations of the body, politics, and gender that express a powerful and pervasive sense of precariousness. This copiously illustrated presentation of the artist’s oeuvre offers critical and art historical essays by Michelle White and Anna C. Chave and imaginative texts by Rebecca Solnit and Adania Shibli that contextualize Hatoum’s work as well as extensive discussions on a selection of significant sculptures and installations.

Contributions by Michelle White, Anna C. Chave, Tamara Schenkenberg, Adania Shibli, and Rebecca Solnit
Published by the Menil Collection
Hardcover, 25 x 31 cm, 192 pp. (color ill.)

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Mona Hatoum
Terra Infirma