Wardrobe Extensions is an ongoing project, first presented in 2016, and is reconfigured here at Artists Space in its fifth iteration. Three wardrobe units are installed individually throughout the galleries, their back panels upright against white-painted sections of wall, fusing this furniture—taken from Kimura’s childhood bedroom—into the structural perimeter of the exhibition spaces. Formerly connected as an in-built internal system (drawers, desk, bookshelves, door) that bisected one small room, the wardrobes are dislocated from their earlier place and now function as nomadic sculptural vessels. Crossing borders and time zones, this group of objects are positioned into novel configurations that accumulate more abstract or formal properties and associations in tandem with each site of public display.

The Circle is a new sculpture formed of silver trays in different sizes that are arranged on top of each other in incrementally smaller dimensions. Silver trays evoke the act of hosting others in one’s own environment, perhaps in a formal or ritualistic way, in which a guest is welcomed and put at ease. The contents upon such platters are likely to reveal a particular tradition or cultural pretext and its form can be understood as a pedestal for a host’s desired projection of affluence, taste, and generosity. Pedestals nest within pedestals, their oscillating scales and harshly spotlit polished surfaces transforming the repetition of a single utilitarian object into something more like an optical experiment. This work signifies the beginning of Artists Space’s own life in its new building in the style of an offering.