What goes beyond the exhibition as an artwork is the program as an artwork. (Jean-Luc Moulène)

For over thirty years, in an oeuvre that is broadly diversified in both subject and mediums employed, Jean-Luc Moulène has been exploring the nature of artistic work and what it means. He works with a variety of different materials ranging from those that are industrially produced to those that are organic or found and in mediums such as photography, film, painting, sculpture and installation. Moulène values interdisciplinary collaboration especially in relation to works that are located at the interface between art and industrial design. In principle the awareness of the relationship of artwork as commodity and part of the circulation of goods runs through the entire work of the artist. In this respect the artist’s sensibility is indicated by the definition of his sculptures as objects and the designation of his works as products. Just as Moulène perceives photography as oscillating between medium and art, he regards his objects as enjoying a status between sculpture and product and, on the other hand, his photographs as post-photographic documents.

Moulène, who describes himself as a poet, is also inspired by mathematics – set theory, to be precise – which he sees as providing a metaphor for social space. Many of his works are characterised by observation and analysis of this social   space and its forms and overlappings with individual spaces. In recent years Moulène’s praxis has become increasingly object related and material specific. The special qualities of a material and its unique working qualities prompt him to push it to its limits. This struggle with form and expression illustrates Moulène’s notion of art as a zone of conflict: from his point of view the domain of art is not peaceful. For him an artwork always contains a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ and it is the task of the viewer to find and define their own position.